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> Hump Day has Arrived!
post Jan 12 2011, 06:24 AM
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Yard Master

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Good morning from Cloudy, Cold and Snow Northeast Ohio! About 6" last night with a lot falling right now.

Les: Keep dry, that's a lot of rain. I moved to Loveland, CO just after their giant flood. I have attached a link regarding the 10,000 year flood. http://www.super70s.com/Super70s/Tech/Natu...ig_Thompson.asp
One of my employees managed to get out of his mobile home and all they ever found was his briefcase in the mud.

Added trucks and couplers to cars that I dullcoated on Monday. Not much else done, watched an episode of Midsomer Murders (BBC Production). They have killed so many people in the 13 years of the series I can't believe anybody is still living in that area.

I did post photos of the completed cars in the Photography Forum.

Everybody have a great day and keep dry!

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Rule 2: I make the rules.
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post Jan 12 2011, 08:06 AM
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Speaking of HUMP; Will be bustin' mine later, when we all go out to shovel foot+ of snow from driveway, LOL! My nice snow blower sits, unused, as governor went kaput on the Tecumsah engine[overspeeds now] & NO $ to fix. The Chinese just bought Tecumsah, so you know what the engine and parts quality will become. Anyway, just finished my HO loco For Sale list and posted it on HO SWAP @ Yahoo Groups. Will be puttin' it here and on a few other sites, so I can generate some HO funds.
Finally heard from our son Mike yesterday! He's now at his new stateside base and MIGHT eventually get out of the Army for medical problem with his foot[has 2 s.s. pins from broken ankle yrs. ago and Uncle Sam STILL took him when he enlisted] GO FIGURE! TTFN....papasmurf
smile.gif wink.gif
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post Jan 12 2011, 08:33 AM
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Yard Master

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Good Morning Rick and my fellow Forumeers.

The sun is shining and it's just above freezing, so stage 1 of the "melt-off" begins. Most of the streets and roads are in good condition, but there are still some trouble spots here and there. Of course all of it will re-freeze again tonight and the next couple of nights.
Picked the son up from work, took him home and then went to get LD from work. No sooner than I park the truck, LD informs me that the son forgot to bring LD's meds home, having left them on the break room table at work!! angry.gif Soooooooo......... back to Wal-Mart, we go.
Didn't have time to download any of the pics I've been taking. sad.gif Maybe this evening, though, as I'll have to pick the son up from work at 11:00, tonight.

Les, I hope you and yours fare well.

Mike :icon_smile_cop:
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Ya ain't gotta like it, ya just gotta do it!
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New Haven Neil
post Jan 12 2011, 08:41 AM
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Yard Master

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Sheesh Les.....fingers crossed etc. Absolutely frightening. My heart goes out to you all.

Chief, well yes, the NH seemed to lurch from one financial crisis to another - then McGinnis's dubious accounting really did for it! Running diesel hauled trains under electrified catenary wasn't a good idea either - yet we see that happening in the UK now due to the excessive billing for the use of it! D'oh.

I see one of the (horribly ugly) new US built locos for the UK has had an accident before it even landed on Brit soil! They dropped it back into the ship's hold apparently!


Expensive..... wacko.gif

Modelling the NH and NYC - in the confines of an Island in the Irish Sea - the Isle of Man.

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post Jan 12 2011, 09:15 AM
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Master Moderator

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Good Morning All!

Not much to report from the land of snow covered Buckeyes on this Wednesday morning other then yesterday I was looking for a long forgotten HO boxcars and found 2 Athearn 50' gon underframes.I had picked these up for a repair project and how in the world they ended up in the bottom tote will remain a mystery since that tote hasn't be open since April of last year and I got those frames last August.I never did find those 2 40' boxcars and those 2 cars I had since the late 80s and I know I didn't sell 'em.

I shall have a cup and look over the forum.

Have a good'un! biggrin.gif

Slate Creek Rail.
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post Jan 12 2011, 10:42 AM
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Yard Master

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Good Evening all.

Getting to end of another day shift, last one this week! A few days off now.
Raining outside, been on and off most of the day and not much change over the next few days.
Typical when I'm off!!

Hoping to get to my usual American stockist hobby store in the next day or two.
Mostly after some buildings and scenic stuff, but will see what else they have in stock,
though I don't think they've had a delivery from the US for a few weeks now!

Hope all is OK Les, we're all thinking of you.

Mike, thats what we suffer over here, thaw and then refreeze. Thats what causes all the problems.

Thats all for now.

Have a good evening.


CEO, Deadwood City Railroad.
Its MY railroad and I'll do what I want.
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post Jan 12 2011, 02:23 PM
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G' day all from the upper, left coast where extreme sogginess has returned. Of course, we aren't quite as bad as Australia, but this winter has been record breaking for precip..... wacko.gif

I remember the Loveland, CO flood. I was stationed at Ellsworth AFB, SD when that occurred. Memories of a similar flood in Rapid City were still fresh. There were a number of folks that went missing when that happened in '72. mellow.gif

Quite a sad lookin' EMD lokey there DIT. Looks like the puppy might be toast and only good for parts. dry.gif

Speakin' o' toast, we got the official word that our house furnace is a crispy critter. Sheesh, 2010 was not a memorable year for good things. We hope to save up enough for a heat pump installation this summer. Heat pump work quite well in this area. rolleyes.gif

Not mucha else goin' on 'cept work, so wishin' y'all a Happy Humperoo Day. cowboy.gif

Don in "Orygun" City
CEO, Prez, Sec, Treas, Chief Engineer/Dispatcher, Customer of the Wishram, Oregon and Western
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post Jan 12 2011, 03:45 PM
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Les Staff

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G'daye all,
Had a big afternoon, night with helping move people out of dangers way. Thankfully it got within 4" of going over wall in Grafton itself, but the villages east of us were evac-d where it has been inundated even after we added sandbags to the top of the wall.Supplys are being boated to centres further down river who have a lot of campers in the seaside resorts.
Brisbane peak was 1m lower than predicted mainly because the rain backed off and the creeks weren't bulging.Alot of the freezer wharehouses are situated in the lower river areas in bris so frozens will be in short supply with wharehouses there collapsing.The major trucking centre of Rocklea to the west of Bris we cant even see roofs of wharehousesin some cases.
The big worry now is the price of food because crops haven't been able to be planted because this rain has been happening from the begining of Nov, affecting the nation, not to mention what just got washed away.The Gatton area supplies not only Bris but Sydney Melbourne and Adelaide markets in the south and Darwin as well.
Locally the sugar cane wasn't harvested because the paddocks were too wet and now the next crop won't be in either.They had one good season after years of bad ones now this.
Dust bowl to swimmin Hole in one easy lesson.
Thanks for the link Rick, dont think I want to be here for a 1:10,000 flood.But basically the is what happened in towoomba an the torrent that raced off the mountain took out Grantham and gatton areas They called it an inland tsusami fer that reason
Cant do much now till it goes down so some train time
PS I see your still gettin heavy snow take care

Cheers Les
Mountains to sea Rail Bulk Haulage

Les Staff Grafton NSW Australia
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post Jan 12 2011, 07:34 PM
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Good evening,

Les, what a devastation. Our hearts go out to Australia. Hang on. Saw some of the flood on TV news this evening.

Here, it's just winter. Temps in the 20's, occasional snow or flurries. About 2" last night. Luckily, no severe stuff, for now.

Spent the last couple of days organizing my re-election campaign. Now, all I have to do is raise some money. So, no railroading.

All the Christmas decorations are put away in totes and most downstairs. I'll have to take an afternoon and stash all of it away. Then, it's back to the layout.

Rick, that was some flood in Colorado, too. Went to Wikipedia and read the story. Those people didn't have a chance.

Sorry about the furnace, Don.

So much for tonight.

Y'all have a good evening.

Iron Ridge Division

If it is to be, it is up to me.
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